• Flora


      — Sometimes I wish I was a contortionist, so I’d have the flexibility to kick myself – multiple times! Nobody hates me more than myself whenever I say or do things which I later on regret. Almost as soon as I say something nasty, I want to roll my tongue up and swallow it. By then, it’s already too late to undo the pain I caused someone.   More often than not, it’s a case of “What was I thinking?” It’s irrational how I could’ve said something with no basis at all. It’s almost as if something has possessed me, voiding me of all sense and reason. Unseen outside…

  • Flora

    Just Grow

    The thing about beauty, is that it just is. There are no words to describe what makes something pleasing to the eye. It mesmerizes, leaves one breathless and captivated in sheer awe. Vienna’s Volksgarten is certainly a haven of beauty. Its rose garden serves as a respite for weary pedestrians looking for inspiration and probably silence. Benches give beaten up legs some much-needed rest, while the blossoming rose garden soothes tired eyes. The sound of rippling fountains whisks your worries away, albeit for a couple of minutes. And sometimes, a violin playing in the background is a welcome melody. The flowers in this public park found in the Innere Stadt –…