Sunrises and Sunsets


Vienna, February 2011
Celebrities – and some of my admittedly vainer friends – have taken to Botox and collagen injections to keep themselves looking young.  Not that I’m afraid of needles, but I just don’t feel that I need to go down that route.  Sure, they can do what they want with their money, but I have found a much cheaper alternative to preserving my youth. 
Worry and stress are the usual suspects when it comes to stripping us of our youthful glow.  So whenever I feel a stress attack coming on, I simply look out my window.  I guess I’m blessed to have a window in my room which is large enough to frame the beautiful view outside.
Looking at the various hues of the sunset gives me an overall sense of calm.  It reassures me that all is well in the world, and that tomorrow is still sure to come and wash away my worries.  I’m reminded that whatever sorrow I’m feeling at that moment is but fleeting.  It too shall pass.
Nature has a way of making me feel lighter.  It almost has this hypnotic power to put me in a trance, to stabilize whatever hypertensive, physical manifestations I may have at a certain moment.  If I can’t go outdoors, I just sit by my window sill, and take in the spectacular view.  I let the wind kiss my cheeks and envelop me, as if giving me a virtual hug.
nullifier, sunset, kiev
Kiev, Ukraine, March 2011
Our lives are laden with worries and petty preoccupations.  Although these are realities we can’t just easily escape from, we can still manage how we think or feel.  What we can do is to find that which relaxes or comforts us.  For some, it can be a hobby or listening to music by Cyndi Lauper.  To each his own… no judgment here at all!
Even in the absence of people around us, we can pull something out of ourselves or from our surroundings to help alter our perspective on things.  When life throws curveballs at us, we just have to cope however which way we can.

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