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  — Sometimes I wish I was a contortionist, so I’d have the flexibility to kick myself – multiple times! Nobody hates me more than myself whenever I say or do things which I later on regret. Almost as soon as I say something nasty, I want to roll my tongue up and swallow it. …

Sunrises and Sunsets


Celebrities – and some of my admittedly vainer friends – have taken to Botox and collagen injections to keep themselves looking young.  Not that I’m afraid of needles, but I just don’t feel that I need to go down that route.  Sure, they can do what they want with their money, but I have found a much cheaper …


Tough to be Gentle

  Whenever I have this compelling need to put on a strong façade, I find myself struggling. It’s never easy to look tough on the outside but feel all Jello-ish inside. One animal which doesn’t have that problem though, is the horse. With shiny mane, one that neighs and trots about gracefully, looks so effortlessly powerful. …


Just Grow

The thing about beauty, is that it just is. There are no words to describe what makes something pleasing to the eye. It mesmerizes, leaves one breathless and captivated in sheer awe. Vienna’s Volksgarten is certainly a haven of beauty. Its rose garden serves as a respite for weary pedestrians looking for inspiration and probably silence. …

From Down Low
Action Photography Childhood

From Down Low

Band Aids. Those were a childhood staple for me. Looking back, I couldn’t imagine a day go by without me having to put one on my knee or elbow after roughing it out with my boy cousins. I’d spend most of my waking hours at the playground or on one of those steep downhill slopes, …

Colors Gardens


  Being able to see is a gift most of us take for granted. The sense of sight gives us the chance to view the world in all its splendor and natural beauty. Our two eyes become gateways to visual worlds we never before knew existed. Sometimes though, this gift of sight impels us to …